Alcohol Monitors

Rehab alcohol monitors can help your client stay clean.

alcohol monitors newton nc

Remote Alcohol Breath Testers

Help your client stay clean by using our remote alcohol breath testers.

remote alcohol breath testers newton nc

GPS Units

You can track your client's movements in real time.

GPS Units

Keep Your Loved Ones and Clients Safe

Learn more about our Monitoring programs in Western North Carolina.

If you have a client, loved one or repeat offender that has trouble obeying the law, turn to Advantage Monitoring, LLC based in Newton & serving Western North Carolina and the surrounding states. We carry a variety of sobriety test equipment, GPS monitoring systems and probation monitors that will help keep them on the right track. All our products are manufactured by SCRAMx, which is one of the leading manufacturers on the market.

All our products can be used for probation parole, pre-trial and rehabilitation purposes, as well as family court. Voluntary users can also utilize them. You can depend on our equipment when you need it most.

Our equipment can help keep your loved ones safe

When you charge someone with driving under the influence, the most important thing to remember is that you don't want them to put themselves or any one else in danger again. Our equipment can help prevent inebriated and intoxicated individuals from operating a vehicle. We have a variety of products that will help keep everyone safe, including:

Rehab alcohol monitors
Remote alcohol breath testers
Alcohol monitors
Probation monitors

Some of our equipment is also outfitted with a GPS monitoring system. Choose the right product that you think would best help your client or loved one. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

We work with state and government systems, as well

If you have clients, offenders or perpetrators that need to be monitored during various activities in their lives, turn to us. Our equipment is stable, sturdy and reliable. Our GPS monitoring system can be used by:


judges often allow the reduction of a high bond with the inclusion of a GPS electronic monitoring anklet.

Bail agents/surety companies

a secured bond married to a GPS electronic monitoring anklet is indeed the best possible tool for the production of the defendant and public safety.


offenders are a lot less costly sleeping in their own beds while awaiting a trial that could be years off. GPS Electronic monitoring allows offenders the ability to maintain a job and take care of their family.

District Attorneys

crime scene correlation allows prosecutors the ability to save costly courtroom preparation time by eliminating suspects.

Child support agencies

streamlining child support collections based on the utilization of RF technology not only frees up costly jail space; it also puts money in needy households.

Call 828-390-1550 now to learn more about how our equipment can help keep your community safe.