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BluTag® Active

BluTag® Active (U.S. Patent RE39,909 and RE 38,838) is a one-piece device housing its receiver and transmitter into a single unit. It offers GPS Electronic Monitoring of offenders using active GPS Electronic Monitoring technology, which generates immediate notifications containing near real-time data. This allows supervising agents to quickly take the appropriate action related to the notification.

Because BluTag® Active is a one-piece electronic monitoring device, it remains securely fastened to an offender’s ankle at all times. No other equipment is needed to effectively monitor an offender.

Benefits and Features

When offenders are monitored with BluTag® Active supervising agents have access to near real-time data 24/7. Following are benefits and features of GPS Electronic Monitoring offenders with BluTag® Active. When offenders are electronically monitored with BluTag®, they need not remember to carry any other equipment or component. In 30 minutes or less BluTag® Active’s battery is fully charged — the shortest time in the industry. Offenders can recharge the battery away from home by plugging the charging coupler into a standard AC electric socket.

Unlike multi-piece devices BluTag® Active is not prone to damage by dropping — it remains securely attached to an offender’s ankle at all times. A supervising agency’s on-site inventory is streamlined with only one monitoring device, BluTag® Active, and a few consumable items and optional accessories. In the absence of offender violations monitoring data transmits every 10 minutes. Supervising agents receive notification on tamper and zone violations with near real-time data via fax, email, pager or text message, whichever is their preference. Supervising agents can “ping” the device assigned to a specific offender to determine his or her current location. This action is completed by logging into VeriTracks®. A secondary motion detection system allows offender tracking in the absence of GPS signals. The device detects three types of tampering: strap, strap clips and case.

gps monitoring system newton nc

BluTag® Passive

BluTag® Passive (U.S. Patent RE39,909 and RE 38,838) is the only commercially proven one-piece passive GPS electronic monitoring device on the market today. The receiver and transmitter are housed in a single unit that remains securely fastened around the offender’s ankle. An offender need not carry or plug into any other equipment.

BluTag® Passive transmits data using a radio frequency (RF) tether to BluHome™, a GPS monitoring accessory, while still attached to an offender’s ankle. Multi-piece passive GPS Electronic Monitoring devices require an offender to remove the transmitter (the component that actually tracks an offender’s movements) every day for up to eight hours to recharge the battery and/or transmit monitoring data.

Data Transmissions

BluTag® Passive receives and stores all GPS Electronic Monitoring data onboard until the offender enters the RF tether range of BluHome™, a GPS Electronic Monitoring accessory that uses a standard landline telephone connection to transmit data to our Internet-based tracking application,

VeriTracks®. BluHome™ installs into an offender’s residence and is powered by plugging into a standard AC electrical outlet.

BluHome™ allows customized cut-off points for the RF tether regardless of the layout or construction of the residence. This significantly enhances curfews because the tether can be programmed to cut off at a specified location in or out of the offender’s residence. Traditional electronic tethers remain effective only within a default range and when the layout and/or construction of the residence provides few, if any, obstacles through which the signal must penetrate.

Increased Public Safety

BluTag® Passive immediately receives GPS coordinates when the RF tether between itself and BluHome™ is broken. Because BluTag® Passive remains securely attached to an offender’s ankle at all times, public safety is enhanced because the movements of an offender are tracked 24/7, even when an unscheduled exit from the residence occurs. BluHome™ sends a violation alert when such an event occurs.

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VeriTracks® is a patented (U.S. Patent 6,405,213), 100 percent Internet-based electronic monitoring tracking application that receives, stores and distributes monitoring data transmitted by BluTag® Active, BluTag® Hybrid and BluTag® Passive. Supervising agents access VeriTracks® 24/7 using any computer with a high speed Internet connection.

VeriTracks® provides functionality that simplifies offender electronic monitoring for supervising agents. Supervising agents determine what event and violation notifications to receive, how to receive them (via email, fax, pager or text message).

Mapping Functionality

VeriTracks® also offers robust mapping that displays and animates the current or historical tracks of one or more offenders at the same time.

Supervising agents can:
Analyze historical tracks for patterns and trends in the movements of one or more offenders or zoom down to closely examine a city block or zoom out to view an entire state. The GPS Electronic Monitoring software allows users to reverse geocoding to determine the nearest U.S. Postal Service address of any location on a map.



Confirms the presence of multiple offenders at specific locations.



Placed in offender's home to transmit monitoring data via a landline.



A drive-by unit that confirms the presence of offenders at various locations. No visual contact necessary.

MEMS 3000

MEMS 3000

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