gps monitoring system newton nc

If you have a client that needs to be monitored on a regular basis, visit Advantage Monitoring, LLC in Newton, NC. We lease top-of-the-line GPS monitoring devices. Each location monitoring device is integrated into the SCRAM Systems suite. This allows each GPS monitoring system to be consolidated alongside alcohol monitoring systems into a single platform.

We make tracking your clients easy. Visit us today to learn more about each GPS monitoring system.

Equipped with Google Street View mapping

We know you're busy and that keeping track of all your clients is exhausting. That's why we lease a location monitoring device that's easy to use. Our products have:

  • Superior location accuracy
  • Industry-leading strap design
  • The industry's best battery life
  • User-friendly software tools
  • 3G cellular network
  • Tamper-resistant technology

Maintain your peace of mind and stay on top of your growing to-do list by purchasing a GPS system today.

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